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How to Help Charity Checks

Thanks for your interest! There are lots of ways you can help CHARITY CHECKS encourage charitable giving through the innovation of GIVING CERTIFICATES:

USE CHARITY CHECKS: Simplify your record keeping. Give meaningful gifts. Teach the Joy of Giving. Create your own personal philanthropy program. Order online or call us at 800-854-5601.

LINK TO CHARITYCHECKS.US: Put the CHARITY CHECKS logo with a link to on your web site to encourage charitable giving!

MAKE A DONATION: Like all nonprofits, CHARITY CHECKS appreciates financial support!

SHOP THROUGH IGIVE: Shop via iGive and Charity Checks will receive a percentage of your purchases (with no extra cost to you!) Sign up for an iGive account and Charity Checks will receive an additional $5 with your first purchase.

DONATE YOUR TIME: Be a Charity Ambassador. "Word of Mouth" is the best way for a new idea to spread! Talk to people about CHARITY CHECKS. Send emails to your friends about CHARITY CHECKS. Write your local newspaper. Spread the word!

BE A PHILANTHROPIST WITHOUT BEING A MILLIONAIRE!: Sponsor a classroom or youth group. Let each child write a letter about why he or she chose a certain charity. You can receive the letters or be an anonymous sponsor. To sponsor a classroom, send us an email by clicking here.

SHARE AN IDEA: How are you using CHARITY CHECKS? One woman gave 50 friends each a CHARITY CHECK and asked them to give to causes they had never supported before. Another person put them in their employees' stockings at their company's year-end party. Send us your ideas for using CHARITY CHECKS by clicking here.

DONATE STOCK: CHARITY CHECKS has an account with Quick & Reilly to make it easy for you to donate securities. You can get a tax deduction and help the nonprofit CHARITY CHECKS spread the JOY OF GIVING. Email us by clicking here.

DONATE YOUR CAR: Choose CHARITY CHECKS as your charity of choice when you donate your car to one of the many nonprofit umbrella organizations that take car donations.

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