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With Giving Certificates that are good at ANY of the more than one million charities throughout America!

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Corporate and private donors sponsor
classrooms so students can donate
$25 each to
their favorite charities.

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The Charity Checks Charitable Literacy program uses Giving Certificates to inspire the next generation of philanthropists.

Teachers can receive a stipend to incorporate
philanthropy into their own curriculum or
use the free standards-based

Charitable Literacy lesson plans.

Students in Giving Classrooms research charities, talk with their classmates and families about their values,
choose a cause, and donate their Charity Checks Giving Certificates to the causes they care about.
They make a difference, and they learn.

  • CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS are exercised, as students choose a charity to receive the donation. Issues range from the basic ("Do you want to help locally or nationally? Help an animal or a person? The arts or the environment?") to a more sophisticated analysis that includes investigating how charities spend their money.
  • INTERPERSONAL SKILLS are strengthened, as students learn about their own values and priorities. Self-confidence is built when students realize the power of their actions. Every individual can help!
  • RESEARCH SKILLS are tested, as students use the internet, the library, and their community organizations to investigate the causes and organizations that interest them.
  • COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS are practiced, as students discuss different options with their families, debate the merits of their choices with classmates, and write to defend the choices they make, giving these students a meaningful context for the communication skills they are honing.
  • KNOWLEDGE about how the private sector, which makes up one-third of our economy, works within our society is a critical part of the lessons in Giving Classrooms, which can be related to Social Studies, English, Civics, Math, History, and Economics.
  • BEHAVIOR that will last a lifetime is developed, as students learn that they don't have to be top scholars or super atheletes to make a difference. Giving is a powerful habit that can start at any age and is a major component of being a thoughtful part of the world we live in.

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