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Also Featured on GoodHousekeeping, THE LOOP, and Agoura Hills Mom.

"As 2012 knocks on our doorstep, many gift givers and philanthropists are turning to a new concept, the gift of giving. Charity Checks allows people to purchase "giving certificates" as gifts that are redeemable at nearly one million IRS-qualified charities across the country. Not only does it make your gift giving tax-deductible, but you give the gift of joy for both the person and the charity receiving itÉ. This makes the perfect year-end gift for those focused on tax deductions, but still have their heart and spirit in the season of giving. "
--- Ramsey Qubein,, December 28, 2011

"I resolve to give the gift of giving. I'm not playing with words, I mean exactly what I say and I mean to do it myself, and not just on holidays. I already put my gift where my gab is, and you can, too, via a marvelous non-profit organization, Charity Checks. You can "Teach The Joy Of Giving" to children (as I did, joyfully), and do countless additional, affordable deeds with your funds that money alone can't buy. That's my holiday gift to you, and I'm feeling so good about it! "
---Ray Errol Fox,, December 28, 2011

"What's easier than baking a Yule Log, less time-consuming than stringing popcorn-cranberry garlands and really helps others? I first learned about Charity Checks through a friend a couple of years ago. I thought it sounded great and never followed up. But now that I'm publishing my intention, chances are that I'll make good."
---Deborah Stambler,, December 13, 2011

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