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Curriculum written by Rabbi Emily Feigenson
Subject: Interdisciplinary Unit between Public Speaking and Human Development
Grades: 8
School: Harvard-Westlake
Location: Los Angeles, California
Sponsor: Bruce Miller, Philanthopist

Quote from the Teacher: "The project generated tremendous excitement among the librarians, public speaking teachers, and the vast majority of students. ... One unexpected outcome was the sense of community, or intimacy that occurred when a student elected to share some personal anecdote or connection to the charity. ... Overall, the unit was much more successful in a wide variety of way than we could have ever expected."

Overview: At Harvard-Westlake, students were introduced to Giving Certificates as part of their public speaking assignment. Every student selected a charity on which to deliver a speech to persuade.  The students' goal was to research and deliver an effective speech and to persuade classmates to choose that organization to receive the donation.  Students were each given the opportunity to select a charity to receive a twenty-five dollar Giving Certificate. Students could donate the money to the charity they, themselves, researched and advocated, or they might select one of the charities they learned about from their classmates.

Teaching Materials: For copies of the materials created for the Harvard-Westlake Giving Classroom and Charity Checks, click on any of the below:

Handout/Overview (72 kb)

Harvard Westlake's Evaluation of the Experience (36 kb)

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