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Teachers: Would you like to teach the Joy of Giving in your classroom? If you'd like to see what other teachers have done, we've brought together the lesson plans from several Giving Classes that have already been conducted. To download a lesson plan, click on the links in the first column below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files - visit this link.

Note: Charity Checks is always looking for sponsors to cover the costs of supplying Charity Checks to students. "GIVING CLASSROOMS" can be sponsored by businesses, service groups, and through personal donations to Charity Checks. Help students learn the Joy of Giving! To learn more, email Charity Checks by clicking here.

English/ Language Arts English Language Development History/ Social Science Math/ Science Special Education Technology Visual Arts Phys. Ed.
Grades K-2                  
Grades 3-5                  
Grade 4: Kari Taketa, Park Oaks Elementary School, Thousand Oaks, California, CA
x x         x    
Grade 4: Julia Mason Wasson, Wonderland School, North Hollywood, CA
  x   x       x  
Grade 4: Alison Garfield, PS 62, Chester Park Elementary School, Richmond Hill, NY
  x     x        
Grade 5: Michael Rosner, Wonderland School, North Hollywood, CA
  x   x       x  
Grade 5: Amanda Haver, Park Oaks Elem., CA
  x x x x x x x  
Grades 6-8                  
Grade 7: Laurel Gutierrez, Valley View Middle School, CA
  x     x        
Grade 6-8: Ruthie Kritz, A.E. Wright Middle School, CA
  x x         x  
Grade 6-7: Esther Lee, KAPPA 2, MS 317, New York, NY
  x    x        x  
Grade 8: Roxbury Preparatory Charter School, Roxbury, MA
  x    x          
Grade 8: Harvard Westlake, Los Angeles, CA
  x  x  x          
Grade 8: Ms. Gabela, ESMT IS190X, New York, NY
Grades 9-10                  
Grade 9-10: Ms. Burzynski, South Pasadena High School, CA
Grades 11-12                  
Grade 11-12: Teri Jones, Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA
x x   x      
Grade 11-12: Christine Thompson, Newbury Park High School, CA
  x  x     x    
Grade 11-12: George Favell, Verbum Dei High School, CA
    x x     x    
Grade 11-12: Peter Huyber, Santa Ana, CA
x x   x          
Grade 11-12: Dana Wilkerson, Lynwood High School, Lynwood, CA

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