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Charity Checks Resource Center

You can learn about America's more than one million charities on these web sites:

Search for registered charities on the IRS website. is a good place to research charities and confirm their nonprofit, 501(c)(3) status.  You can put in a zip code and get all the nonprofits in that zip code - Provides free lesson plans for teaching philanthropy in grades K-12 Education for Philanthropy. Many of their 500 lessons complement Charity Checks and meet educational standards. - BBB Wise Giving Alliance - American Institute of Philanthropy

National Center for Charitable Statistics


The Federal Services Information Center has a site has a “Do’s & Don’ts” list for Successful Volunteering, lists of Volunteer areas to match your interests & strengths, Organizations with information for Volunteers is for people under 25 to get more involved in doing good.

“Action Without Borders” hooks up people with internships and paid positions and has job fairs.  has a Joblinks section

--The Giving Family: Raising Our Children to Help Others, by Susan Crites Price

--A Kids Guide to Giving, by Freddi Zeiler

Quotes About Giving: Read what some of the greatest thinkers, leaders, and artists throughout history had to say about philanthropy.

If you have other resources that you think would help TEACH THE JOY OF GIVING with CHARITY CHECKS, please email them to us.

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