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Teacher: Kari Taketa
Grade: 4
School: Park Oaks Elementary School
Location: Thousand Oaks, California


Quote from the Teacher: "Giving is one of the most rewarding and commendable things one can do. Over the next three weeks we will journal about things that we are thankful for. From their journaling we will choose a charity that we will be able to donate our Giving Certificates to. Their decisions will be based on their heart felt feelings, research, as well as acting on what they are thankful for, as part of being a 'Giving Classroom.' I know as a parent and a teacher, children hold learning closer in their heart when they have the opportunity to actually 'do' it. I am so very thankful for opportunities like these; they are so important."

Overview: We have a wonderful opportunity to spread love and give to a charity that will help those in need. We will be researching and compiling a child generated listing of local charities and presenting it to the school district so that other schools in the area can use it as a resource if they choose to do a project that benefits those in need.

Teaching Materials: For copies of the lesson plans created for this Giving Classroom and Charity Checks, click on any of the below:

Lesson Plans (200kb)

Standards Covered (172kb)

"Why I'm Thankful" Worksheet (248kb)

Charity Information Sheet (132kb)

Charity Decision Form (136kb)

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