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Teacher: George Favell

Subject: Catholic Social Justice Religion Class

Grades: 11–12
School: Verbum Dei High School
Location: Los Angeles, California


Quote from the Teacher: ""

Overview: George Favell created a lesson plan that focusses on the difference between actions of charity and actions of justice, with the recognition that charitable giving, itself, may fall into both categories. As an example of Charity, he cites the story of the Good Samaritan, a short-term response to an immediate need. In contrast, Justice is a change in the underlying causes of a problem, typified by the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Students are given tools for making wise choices when making their gifts, through reading and use of the computer lab. 

Teaching Materials: For copies of the lesson plans created for this Giving Classroom and Charity Checks, click on any of the below:

Lesson Plans (128kb)

Philanthropy Power Point (40kb)

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