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Teacher: Ruth Kritz
Subject: Computer Elective
Grade: 6–8
School: A.E. Wright Middle School, Las Virgenes Unified School District, LVUSD
Location: Calabasas, California

Quote from the Teacher: "The best observation was that students, who normally are not that motivated, were enthusiastically searching the Internet for a charity. They then researched this charity and continued to do the assignment. Many of the students worked hard to finish this assignment and were proud of their results. It is an assignment that I plan to do again. It was a positive experience for all involved."

Overview: Kritz's lesson plan engages students to use computers to research, create diagrams using the Inspiration visual learning tool, create a Powerpoint presentation about their selected charity, and write and spell check a business letter to the chosen charity on stationary designed by the student. The plan also explains how this lesson can work with ELD students.

Teaching Materials: Includes a check list for how to research a charity, a check list for how to write a business letter, a computer tutorial for Inspiration, and grading sheets to make evaluation easier. She also has a suggested timeline and list of academic standards.

Curriculum (PDF, 428kb)

Tutorial for Inspiration (PDF, 321kb)

Download a Free Trial of Inspiration

Press Coverage: LA Times and LA Daily News

Examples of Student Work (2010):

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