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Teacher: Alison Garfield
Subject: Common Branches (all subjects)
Grades: 4
School: PS 62 Chester Park Elementary School
Location: Richmond Hill, NY

Quote from the Teacher: "The kids have gotten really excited about ways that they could help these animals... Charity Checks was a great learning experience for my students. "

Overview: Fourth grade teacher Alison Garfield used Charity Checks as a followup to her class' unit on Endangered Animals. The students had already studied endangered animals and written a persuasive letter trying to convince a fellow student, parent or lawmaker to donate money, time or pass a law to help endangered animals. In the Charity Checks unit, Ms. Garfield's students found a charity that would best support the animal they wrote about.

Teaching Materials: Includes a project description and a video produced after the project

Project Description (PDF, 57kb)

Video Presentation on Vimeo

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