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Teacher: Dana Wilkerson
Subject: Athletics
Grades: 11-12
School: Lynwood High School
Location: Lynwood, California

Quote from the Teacher: "As I read the explanations on why each student chose her particular organization, I was very impressed with the personal connection that was developed from the brief research. We, as a group, gained a great deal of insight into the lives of each other. It gave each student an opportunity to look beyond her own circumstances and express her compassionate side by helping someone else. "

Overview: Athletic Director Dana Wilkerson involved 25 student-athletes in the Charitable Literacy program because she believed it would be "an excellent opportunity to help build the character of these young ladies" and to help them "develop as strong leaders." Wilkerson asked her student-athletes to choose a sports-related charity for kids or women based on the students' personal experiences.

Teaching Materials: Includes a lesson plan, list of educational objectives/standards, a timeline, a description of planning for future Charitable Literacy projects, and an assessment of the project

Lesson Plan and Assessment (PDF, 98kb)

Assignments (PDF, 70kb)

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