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Teacher: Amanda Haver
Subject: Cross-Curricular Unit
Grade: 5
School: Park Oaks Elementary School
Location: Thousand Oaks, California


Quote from the Teacher: "My class was VERY excited about taking part in this project. They were learning so much but hardly knew it!!! As teachers, we all know that when our students are engaged in a real-life experience, they are benefiting the most from their studies. Just as school let out for summer, thank you notes started rolling in. We managed to get a few before the last day, and my class was so proud!"

Overview: Amanda Haver created a great interdisciplinary lesson plan about charity with a multitude of useful hand-outs and clear rubrics for evaluation. Her Giving Class covered a creative gamut: Her kids created individual giving type fonts, wrote acrostic poems about Giving, essays about a charity quote, and special charity folders. She also had them form groups and make presentations, and create a variety of graphs showing the types of charities the class chose. A whole wall was filled with the business letters the kids wrote to their charities explaining their thoughtful choices--truly a "GIVING CLASS."

Teaching Materials: Includes an outline of procedures and strategies for using the curriculum, a task list, a list of materials for each section of the project, and a class timeline.

Curriculum (PDF, 116kb)

Press Coverage: L.A. Daily News

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