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Teacher: Peter Huyber
Subject: Government
Grades: 12
School: Santa Susana High School
Location: Santa Ana, California

Quote from the Teacher: "I welcomed this project as a meaningful and break-of-the routine end of the year activity. I was greatly impressed how seriously the students took their assignments (no senioritis!!) and how well they followed up on their responsibilities from research, to sharing, and final explanatory letter. The students made it truly their assignment."

Overview: Peter Huyber inspired his American Gov students to take thoughtful civic action by analysing charites and then writing research papers before being hands-ons on philanthropists and sending money off. He created a five area chart for the students to use in their research and decision making. The students also each spoke to the class explaining why they chose the charity, before writing a letter to go to the charity with the Charity Check Giving Certificate. For some of the Seniors, it was the first time they had filled out a check.

Teaching Materials: Includes an assignment handout.

Curriculum (PDF, 428kb)

Press Coverage: Ventura County Star and L.A. Daily News

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