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Teacher: Teri Jones
Subject: Virtual Enterprise, Project ECHO, SAGE
Grades: 11 & 12
School: Santa Monica High School
Location: Santa Monica, California

Quote from the Teacher: "I welcomed this project as a meaningful and break-of-the routine end of the year activity. I was greatlyimpressed how seriously the students took their assignments (no senioritis!!) and how well they followed up on their responsibilities from research, to sharing, and final explanatory letter. The students made it truly their assignment."

Overview: The project is broken into three parts: (1) Students research entrepreneurs who engage in philanthropy; (2) Students study and report on economic lessons in context; and (3) Students research organizations that assist economically disadvantaged communities through micro loans for entrepreneurial ventures.

Teaching Materials: Includes an assignment handout.

Proposal (PDF, 76kb)

Assignment (PDF, 60kb)

Rubric (PDF, 80kb)

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